Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

Medicare Supplement plans are sometimes called Medigap Plans because they fill in the gaps for things that Part A and B don’t cover. As for Medicare Supplement plans for 2019, no significant changes in primary benefits are expected. However, premiums and your needs may have changed, and this could impact your choice of benefit levels and the offers available from various insurance companies.

We provide an easy way to get price quotes from the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. All you have to do is enter your basic info on the form on this page. After reviewing the selection of companies, click any entry for more Medigap plan details and contact information.

Advantages of Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

In fact, the freedom, predictability, and stability of Medicare Supplement Insurnace plans are the primary reasons that some people prefer them to other kinds of Medicare plans. The key to selecting the best insurance for your own needs is to learn how Medicare works, compare local Medigap plans for 2019, and consider your own medical and prescription needs.

Top Companies For Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019

These companies offer Medigap Plans:

How Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 Work With Original Medicare

Most US seniors and many disabled people qualify for Part A for free and Part B with a modest premium. These are often called hospital and medical coverage, but they only cover many services at 80%, and the patient still needs to pay the other 20%. Coming up with cash for copays and deductibles is often difficult on retirement incomes.

Supplements fill in some of these gaps, and they come in different standardized levels. These are some popular Medicare Supplement plans for 2019:

  • Medigap Plan A: Usually considered basic coverage
  • Medigap Plan C: Considered more robust coverage
  • Medigap Plan N: Well rounded coverage with small copays for Doctor Visits
  • Medigap Plan F: Has a high deductible option and covers excess charges
  • Medigap Plan G: Also includes coverage for excess charges

At certain times, qualified Medicare beneficiaries can buy a Medicare Supplement plan without answering health questions. Medicare labels this option as a “right to buy.” At other times, insurers can do health underwriting, and they may charge some applicants more or even decline some applicants. That is one reason it is important to make a careful choice when you choose a Medicare Supplement plan for 2019.

The most common example of “the right to buy” in which an applicant does not need to answer any health questions is the period right after they first become eligible for Medicare Part A and Medicare B. Another example is on the rare occasion that a Medicare Supplement Insurance company pulls out of the policy holder’s service area or violates federal or state regulations.


Compare Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 Online or By Phone

By now, you can see that it is essential to compare Medicare Supplement plans before making a decision.  The right choice for you will depend on your medical needs, health budget, and the insurance companies that offer Medigap plans in your town or city. One of the most important things to understand is that different companies could all charge different amounts for the same individual, so it is important to shop Medigap plans for the right benefits and the right price. Also, you have to remember that you won’t necessarily save money by choosing small premiums over the better benefits that you really need.

By entering your hometown necessary information in the form on this site, you have a chance to see your options for Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 all one one screen. This tool can help you save time and money, and it can also help you find the right combination of benefits and price to keep you healthy.