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2018 Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans F, G & N – Medigap Plans

If you have are shopping for 2018 Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, you should definitely consider thier Medicare Supplement plan G or Medicare Supplement Plan F, Aetna Medicare Supplement plans are among the best. We do work with a lot of great companies, so it certainly isn’t your only choice. Therefore, it’s always good to compare Medigap plans to find your best option. However, we do think that Aetna Medicare supplement plans in 2018 are some of the most competitive plans. If you’d like to discover more about securing a Medigap plan for 2018, use our website or call us so that we can assist you.

The History of Aetna Medicare Supplement plans

Aetna, whose name was inspired by the most active volcano in Europe, Mt. Etna, was first established when it separated from its original company in 1853. Perhaps primarily known for selling life insurance products, this company also offers health insurance, dental insurance, Medicare Supplement plans and more.

Here’s why we like this particular company more than some of the others:

  • A rating from A.M. Best
  • Stable and competitive rates
  • Household discounts in some states
  • Easy application process

How Much Do 2018 Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans Usually Cost for Seniors?

If you’re wondering how much you can expect to pay a monthly for your 2018 Medigap plan with Aetna, you should know that this is going to vary. When pulling up quotes online from our website, you’ll be asked to provide your age, gender, and location, since these things are all taken into consideration when a company offers you a Medigap plan rate.

To give you a basic estimate of what other senior citizens are paying, however, we did decide to use our quick and easy quote tool to pull up some numbers. Here’s what we found as monthly rate amounts for a 65-year-old male who doesn’t use tobacco and who is shopping for an 2018 Aetna Medicare supplement plan G:

  • Florida: $213.25
  • Texas: $129.61
  • Illinois: N/A
  • Pennsylvania: $146.19
  • California: $186.09
  • North Carolina: $107.54
  • New Jersey: $163.93
  • New York: N/A
  • Ohio: N/A
  • Michigan: $144.53
  • Virginia: $109.12
  • Indiana: $106.79
  • Georgia: $159.02
  • Missouri: $166.35
  • Massachusetts: N/A
  • Iowa: N/A
  • Tennessee: $123.78
  • Wisconsin: N/A
  • Arizona: $153.19
  • Washington: N/A

Obviously, if you are looking for 2018 Aetna Medicare supplement plan G, Medigap plan N or another type of policy, your quote is going to be different. Your quote might also vary based off of your age or the state that you live in. If you’d like to get a more accurate picture at how much your coverage will cost, you can contact us or use our handy website tool to compare 2018 Aetna Medicare supplement plans immediately. Either way, we would love to help you find an affordable, reliable option from a company that you can count on.