Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona for 2019

Arizonans may want to supplement their Medicare benefits with additional coverage. If you are just starting out with Medicare or are interested in switching companies, you may want to learn what rates to expect from Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Arizona for 2019. 

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona for 2019: Quick Fact

Out of 6,626,624 Arizonans, over 15 percent are 65 and over, and this is how these seniors are distributed in the largest Arizona cities: 

  • Pheonix: 8.4%
  • Tucson: 11.9%
  • Mesa: 14.1%
  • Chandler: 7.8%
  • Glendale: 9.2%
  • Scottsdale : 20.0%

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans vs. MA Plans 

Both Medicare Supplement plans and MA plans help beneficiaries manage medical costs and gain access to the best medical providers. But they work differently. For example, some Medicare HMOs have no monthly premium, come bundled with Part D drug coverage, and even offer additional coverage for things like dental care. 

You won’t find any Medigap plans in Arizona with a zero monthly premium, drug coverage, or other benefits, but they do help beneficiaries predict and reduce out-of-pocket costs.  Also, seniors do not have to worry about finding network doctors or get referrals to specialists. 

Overview of Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona for 2019

For 2019 the set Medigap plan levels of A through N should not change, but some companies may raise Medicare Supplement rates in Arizona to cope with higher deductibles, increased regulation, and stricter regulations. Additionally, caps on allowed charges may encourage more medical providers to charge more than Medicare allows. Only Plan F, Plan G, and regular plan F pay “excess charges.” 

Medicare Supplement insurance plans partially depend upon policy level so that you might think of your options this way. Medicare plan A and plan B are thought of us “basic,” Medicare Plan C is considered “comprehensive,” and Plan N, plan L, and plan K require more member cost sharing in return for more affordable rates. 

Different companies also charge different premiums, so you might consider Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Arizona for 2019 offered by these top  companies when you make a comparison of Plan F and Plan G: 

The Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Arizona for 2019 and Beyond 

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