Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware for 2019

If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, then you might be looking for the best Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware for 2019. You came to the right place because this is where you will learn about the many wonderful benefits of having a Medicare Supplement Plan in Delaware. It is a great decision to purchase a Medigap plan because it can help lower your out-of-pocket costs.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia for 2019: Benefits Overview

The charges that Medicare Supplement insurance plans contribute to include the following:

  • Part B excess charges
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Home health care
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Parts A and B coinsurances
  • Foreign travel

Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Delaware are known as “Medigap” because they close the gap that is left after Medicare pays about 80 percent of your medical costs. The gap is left over for you to pay, but the best Medigap policies in 2019 will help to close that gap. These policies cover more than your Original Medicare coverage by itself, and they help senior citizens save their money for other important things.

Note:  Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans are not the same things.  Medicare Advantage plans are referred to as Medicare Part C, and they are replacement plans to Original Medicare.  You will still continue to pay your Part B premium as with any type of Medicare coverage. They often have network restrictions associated with being a PPO or HMO.  Also, CMS assigns star ratings to each plan based on several factors of customer satisfaction and plan performance.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware: Enrollment Statistics

The three counties in Delaware and their populations are listed below:

  • New Castle County with 538,479 people
  • Sussex County with 197,145 people
  • Kent County with 162,310 people

America’s Health Insurance Plans or AHIP conducted a survey, and it discovered that 54,594 Delaware residents purchased Medigap plans in Delaware in 2015.  Medicare Supplement Plan Data for 2019 was not available at the time this article was written.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, obtained data that stated that more than 169,000 Delaware residents purchased a Medigap plan in 2017.

How Many Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware Are Available for 2019?

Insurance companies have up to 10 Medigap policies to offer Delaware residents. These plans are standardized, and you can compare the best rates that several insurance companies offer you. When you compare rates, you have the chance of finding the best Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware for 2019 that has everything you want and need.

A husband and wife will have to apply for Medicare Supplement insurance plans separately because one Medigap policy cannot have two beneficiaries. With this being the case, your Medicare insurance company will only use one person’s medical history to determine the rates for their specific policy.

After you are quoted plan rates by the insurance companies quote you will also want to understand your portion of out of pocket costs for each of the following areas:

  • Coinsurance
  • Deductibles
  • Premiums
  • Copayments

The best Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware will be the one that offers you the most coverage for the lowest rates.

Before you apply for your Medigap plan for 2019, you must ensure that the insurance company has a license to sell Medigap policies in your state. Unfortunately, some people have nefarious motives, and they try to convince you to do things that are not in your best interests. Some of those things include the following:

  • Someone attempts to sell you a Medigap plan when you have Medicare Advantage. Before you will be able to purchase a Medigap policy, you will have to switch back to Original Medicare.
  • Someone tries to sell a Medicare beneficiary a Medigap plan when the company doesn’t have a contract with Medicare to do so.
  • Someone tries to sell you a policy when he or she knows that you have Medicaid.
  • Someone tells you that Original Medicare sells these supplemental plans.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware: When Can I Enroll?

When you turn 65 years of age and enroll in Medicare Part B, you may enroll in Medicare Supplement plans in Delaware. The best time to purchase your Medigap policy is the month that you are eligible for Original Medicare. This is the beginning of the Medigap open enrollment period, and it lasts for six months after you celebrate your 65th birthday.

If you fail to purchase the best Medicare Supplement plan in Delaware for you during the initial enrollment period, you may not be able to purchase this type of health plan. The Medicare insurance company will determine whether or not you qualify for a policy with underwriting, and those who apply outside of the Medigap open enrollment period may be denied a Medigap policy. In contrast, you can not be denied coverage if you apply during your Medigap Open Enrollment period.

Popular Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware for 2019 and Highlighted Benefits

Some of the very popular Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Delaware for 2019 are the following:

Your Medicare Part B insurance offers you preventive care, and you must pay a deductible for these benefits. Most people seem to believe that the best Medigap policy for 2019 is “Medicare Plan F.” One reason may be because this plan provides you with payment for your Part B deductible as well as your medical costs outside of the country. You have a monthly premium for Medicare Part B, but you will also have a premium for Medicare Part F, so keep this in mind when you are searching for Medicare Supplement plans in Delaware.

You may want to add prescription drug coverage to your Medicare benefits, but you will not be able to do this with Medigap plans in Delaware. You can purchase a Medicare prescription drug plan from insurance companies on a stand-alone basis. They are known as “Medicare Part D plans.”  Different plans are available in different areas, so it’s best to research the specific drug plans based on your zip code.

Best Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in Delaware for 2019?

Rates for 2019 will vary depending on the Medicare plans that you are looking at, the insurers that you are interested in, your age, the ZIP code that you live in and more. To help you get an idea of what other seniors are paying, however, we are sharing these Medicare Supplement rates in Deleware for a 67-year-old non-smoking female who lives in Wilmington and who is shopping for a Medicare Plan N option:

Delaware Medicare Resources

If you would like more information on the Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Delaware, click on the following link, and you will be taken to a page where you will find several, valuable resources.  Also, you will find information regarding assistance programs for those with special needs be it chronic health conditions or financial situation. – Forms, help, and resources.