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2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

If you are totally new to Medicare or have owned Medicare supplement insurance for years, it might be wise to consider comparing 2018 Medicare Supplement plans in Florida. Even though supplement levels have been standardized for years and are not expected to change, changes in the healthcare environment might mean that some Medicare supplement plans have become better than others. 

If you want to compare Florida Medicare supplement plans for 2018, we have already done the legwork for you. Simply select your state and see top insurers in your city or town. Click on each entry for more information about rates and coverage or to find contact information. 

2018 Florida Medicare Supplement Plans: Recipient Statistics

Quick Comparison of the percentage of seniors in large Florida cities: 

  • Jacksonville: 10.9%
  • Miami: 16.0%
  • Tampa: 11.0%
  • St. Petersburg: 15.7%
  • Orlando: 9.4%

2018 Medigap Plans in Florida vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare supplements, also called Medigap plans, cover copays, deductibles, and other health expenses that Medicare does not pay for. Advantage replaces original Medicare. They both help beneficiaries control medical expenses, but they work very differently. 

As has always been the case, 2018 Florida Medicare supplement plans have premiums, but you can still find zero monthly premium Florida Medicare Advantage plans. The idea of no monthly premium is understandably attractive to many seniors who need to live on fixed incomes. Still, the potential for out-of-pocket costs because of copays and deductibles must get considered. 

On the other hand, some Medicare Advantage plans offer value-added benefits like dental, prescription, vision, and hearing, whereas Medicare supplements do not. People with supplements need to buy separate PART D prescription coverage, and many choose to buy standalone dental and vision insurance too. Programs for low-income beneficiaries may reduce Advantage costs, but they are not aimed at Medicare supplement owners. 

2018 Medigap plans in Florida may have some of the following benefits over many Medicare Advantage choices: 

  • No provider networks to worry about like with HMOs and PPOs
  • Predictable benefits and coverage from year to year
  • Lower risk of out-of-pocket costs

2018  Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

Medicare supplement insurance is all standardized by different levels. You can learn the details of these plan levels here on the official Medicare website. Like in most other states, Florida Medicare Supplement plans are simply named A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and Medigap Plan N

The important thing to keep in mind is that with Medicare clamping down on allowed charges and increasing regulation, more doctors are charging more than Medicare says they can. Supplements that cover excess charges include Medigap Plan F, Medigap Plan G, and high deductible plan F. 

Other proposed US budget changes include increasing some deductibles and adding surcharges to certain supplements. This could increase premiums when comparing 2018  Medigap Plans in Florida, and some companies will have the ability to more competitive than others.

Find the Best 2018  Florida Medicare Supplement Plans

Insurers are competitive, and you may find another company offering the same benefits at somewhat lower costs in your Florida city. These are some of the top companies offering 2018 Medigap Plan F and Plan G in Florida: 

Use our handy online quotes to compare the best 2018 Medicare supplement plans in Florida. Compare rates and benefits right from the comfort of your home or office computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you rather speak to a licensed Medicare specialist feel free to give us a call.