Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa for 2019

Once you’ve enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, you can simplify your health care coverage by signing up for the best Medicare Supplement plan in Iowa for 2019. Original Medicare is what you sign up for when you turn 65. It includes Part A for hospitalization and skilled nursing care and Part B for primary care, preventive care, and specialist visits.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa for 2019: Overview

Medigap plans in Iowa can leave you with a variety of out-of-pocket costs, including:

  • Part A and Part B Coinsurance
  • Copayments
  • Part A and Part B Deductibles
  • Part B excess charges

Those expenses are referred to as Medicare “gaps,” and you can fill the gaps with Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa. That’s why Medicare Supplement insurance plans are also known as Medigap policies.

Some of the 2019 benefits that you may receive through the best Medigap plans in Iowa include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Home health care
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Coinsurance for Medicare Parts A and B
  • Part B excess charges
  • Emergency care when traveling abroad

Think of your Iowa Medigap plan as a backup to Original Medicare. Health care providers will first receive maximum compensation from Medicare Parts A and B. Your Medigap insurance is then charged to cover your remaining expenses. As a beneficiary of Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Iowa, you will pay one monthly premium instead of tracking and paying multiple bills for out-of-pocket expenses.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa: Enrollment Statistics

  • The five largest counties in Iowa are Kossuth County, Pottawattamie County, Woodbury County, Clayton County, and Fayette County.
  • There were close to 500,000 Original Medicare beneficiaries in Iowa as of December 2018.
  • In December 2018, more than 120,000 Iowa residents were enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans or other health care plans.
  • In December 2016, close to 300,000 beneficiaries were enrolled in Medigap plans in Iowa. Information for 2019 Medicare Supplement enrollments was not available at the time this article was written.
  • Medicare Plan F was the most popular Medigap plan in Iowa as of 2016.  There is also a high deductible plan F available in some states.

How Many Medicare Supplement Plans are Available in Iowa for 2019?

There are 10 Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Iowa. Each plan is designated with a letter, such as Medicare Plan G and Medicare Plan N. The federal government regulates the benefits offered under each plan, and every approved Medicare insurance company must stick to the standardized coverage terms.

Each insurance company offering Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa for 2019 can decide which plans they want to offer. Insurance carriers compete through best premium rates because they can’t change the Medicare benefits offered through Iowa Medigap policies.

The following steps will help you identify the best Medicare Supplement plan in Iowa for your personal needs while securing the lowest premiums:

  • Study the benefits offered through each of the 10 Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Iowa. Consider how often you see your primary care provider and specialists now and how you predict those patterns may change in years to come.
  • Identify the best Medicare Supplement plan in Iowa for 2019  for your needs, based on the coverage details alone. You may also identify one or two backup plans just in case you can’t afford the rates for your best pick.
  • Use an online tool to compare rates from the leading insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa. Keep in mind that there are no differences in coverage options, so you’re only comparing rates at this point.

Once you decide which Iowa Medicare Supplement plan fits your needs and budget, you’re ready to apply for Medigap plans in Iowa.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa: When Can I Enroll?

You’re likely to receive the lowest 2019 rates on the best Medicare Supplement plan in Iowa when you apply during your Medigap open enrollment period. That period starts the first day that your Medicare Part B becomes effective. It lasts for six months. For most people, this corresponds to six months surrounding their birthday month in the year that they turn 65.

If you still have insurance through an employer when you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part A, you can start your Medigap initial enrollment period once you retire and sign up for Part B. Enrolling during this open enrollment period if often viewed as best because it will entitle you to the following guarantees:

  • The insurance company is legally required to accept you into the Medigap health plan of your choice.
  • Your medical history isn’t considered in the underwriting process. That means that all beneficiaries receive the best rates offered by their chosen health insurance provider regardless of their preexisting conditions.
  • The insurance carrier cannot cancel your policy later unless you stop paying your premiums or otherwise violate their rules of coverage.
  • Your rate will not go up later based on your state of health. There are other factors that may lead to an increase in premiums, but the insurance carrier cannot base a rate increase on your health.

There are some special life situations that may qualify you to receive these guaranteed entitlements after your initial enrollment period closes. For instance, if you move to a new area where your Iowa Medigap policy isn’t offered, you will have an opportunity to compare rates and select the best plan offered in your new area.

You always have the right to apply for Medigap plans in Iowa in 2019 outside of the initial period. You won’t have the guaranteed issue rights at that time, so the insurance company will ask questions regarding your health and may deny your coverage altogether.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive a prescription drug plan through Part A, Part B or any of the Medicare Supplement plans in Iowa. You can sign up for Medicare Part D drug plans once you’re enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.

How Much Do Medicare Supplement Plans in Iowa for 2019 Cost?

We ran a quick Medigap plan search for Plan N options for a 65-year-old female Des Moines resident who doesn’t smoke:

Even though many seniors are happy with plans from these providers, you may also want to look into 2019 options from companies like Medico, and Humana to find the best Medicare Supplement rates in Iowa.

Note: Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans are not the same things.  If you need help sorting through your options, feel free to contact one of our licensed insurance agents for help.

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