Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in New Jersey for 2019

Do you think you’re the only one comparing Medicare Supplement insurance plans in New Jersey for 2019?  New Jersey is a very densely populated state with about 8,899,339 residents, so it’s safe to say you’re not alone.  With a population of that size, it also means that Medicare beneficiaries have a lot of choices for Medicare Supplement insurance plans. While no changes are expected in the established Medigap plan levels, some shifts in the overall health environment might raise Medicare Supplement rates in New Jersey or potentially impact choices. 

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in New Jersey for 2019: Quick Facts 

Overall, the US Census says that 14.4% of New Jersey residents are 65 and older, and these are some percentages in the largest NJ cities: 

  • Newark: 8.6%
  • Jersey City:9.0%
  • Paterson: 8.9%
  • Elizabeth: 9.2%
  • Edison: 9.2%

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Overall, Medigap plans should stay the same.  However, some changes in Medicare may cause some insurers to increase Medicare Supplement rates in New Jersey. These include more regulations and the possibility of increasing Medicare Part B deductibles. Additionally, tighter rules about allowed charges might generate more excess charges from doctors and other health service providers. Note that only high deductible plan F, Plan G, and Plan F offer to pay expenses over the amount that Medicare allows. 

If you are new to Medicare or want to consider another Medigap plan level, you should know that available choices in New Jersey range from basic coverage to much more robust options. For example:

  • Plan levels A, and Plan B are usually considered basic choices with competitive prices.
  • Plan levels N, Plan K, and Plan L require more cost-sharing but offer lower Medicare Supplement rates in New Jersey.
  • Plan C is considered more robust, and the cost may be higher.

Besides just the level of benefits, rates also depend on where you live, the insurer you choose, and some other factors. You might make a comparison of Medicare Supplement insurance plans in New Jersey for 2019 quality insurance companies.  Call to compare their Plan F and Plan G prices: 

  • Aetna
  • Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
  • Cigna
  • Gerber
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
  • Humana
  • Loyal American Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual of Omaha

Apply for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in New Jersey for 2019

Medicare Supplement insurance plans help beneficiaries control their health costs and get into good doctors and hospitals. You will pay a premium for Medigap plans, and these policies are meant to pay for things that Medicare does not cover. Many seniors choose them because they tend to stay the same each year and help make out-of-pocket expenses more predictable. While many seniors have to live on fixed incomes and would prefer to not have a monthly premium, they may be able to control health expenses better on a Medigap Plan.

The best choice for each New Jersey resident may depend upon their health needs, budget, and available options in their town or city. To find the best option for you, enter information on this page. You will see instant results for Medicare Supplement insurance plans in New Jersey for 2019.  If you would have questions, feel free to call us directly.