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2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in New York – Medigap Plans

The 2.3 million NY Medicare beneficiaries have a lot of choices about the best ways to make use of their valuable benefits. While no significant changes are expected soon, it is a good idea to spend some time researching 2018 Medicare Supplement plans in New York regardless if you are brand new to Medicare or have been a beneficiary for years. Rising costs or new regulations could impact your Medicare plan premiums and choices of doctors. 

We have worked hard to make it as easy as possible for local consumers to perform a comparison of 2018 New York Medigap Plans and Medicare Advantage plans. Provide our online quote system with your essential information to see top insurers displayed on your screen. After viewing your options for New York Medicare supplement plans in 2018, click any of the entries for more details.

2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in New your: Quick Statistics

Out of over 19 million NY residents, over 14 percent are seniors. These are how these senior citizens are distributed in the biggest cities: 

  • New York City *: 12.1%
  • Albany: 11.1%
  • Ithaca: 5.9%

* This includes Brooklyn, Borough of Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island. 

2018 New York Medigap Plans vs. NY Medicare Advantage Plans 

Medicare Advantage, or MA, has become increasingly popular. Some MA HMOs have zero monthly premium, additional value-added benefits, and even prescription drug coverage. However, HMOs and PPOs all rely upon a network of health providers to help save members money and ensure health provider access. 

You will not find any 2018 NY Medicare supplement plans with no monthly premium, or that include a Medicare Part D. Also, they typically do not offer any additional value-added benefits. However, you will not have to worry about networks, unpredictable costs, or needing a specialist referral. The right choice between MA and Medicare supplements really depends upon your budget, medical needs, and local options. 

2018 New York Medicare Supplement Plans

All supplements, no matter which company sells them, must conform to established levels. These are all named with the letters A through N. The level of benefits determines coverage and impacts prices. 

For example, only Medicare Supplement Plan G, high deductible plan F, and Medicare Supplement Plan F cover charges over Medicare’s guidelines, called excess charges. Briefly, plan C is thought of as robust coverage, plans A & B (not to be confused with Part A and B) are considered basic, and K, L, and Medicare supplement Plan N are usually cheaper and require more cost sharing. 

Note that different insurers charge different amounts for the same levels of benefits, so it is important also to compare companies that offer New York Medigap Plans for 2018.These are some top NY insurers that you might want to include in your comparison of Plan G and Plan F: 

Find Quality New York Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates For 2018 Online

Medicare beneficiaries who live in a populous state like NY have a lot of choices about the ways that they can maximize their Medicare benefits. We provide an easy way to compare New York Medigap plans, Medicare Advantage, an even Medicare Part D companies. 

To see a list of top insurers and products in your NY city, type in your information in the form on this web page. After you view the list on your screen, click any entry for more information and details about how to contact the agent or company for more help. By providing our NY quotes through this easy solution, we hope to help many Medicare recipients compare best New York Medicare Supplement plans for 2018.