Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Texas for 2019

When shopping for Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Texas for 2019, residents of the Lone Star State have a lot of choices to make when trying to maximize their Medicare health benefits. If you are new to Medicare or considering a change it’s very important to compare Medicare Supplement rates in Texas to ensure you’re getting the most bang or your buck. Even though the Medigap plan levels are standard and have remained the same for years, pricing from company to company will be different. 

We make it easy to compare Medicare Supplement insurance plans. Just provide the online quote form on this page with your basic info to begin your comparison of plans. After viewing your options, you can click any one to get details and find information to contact live agents. 

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Texas for 2019: Quick Facts

Out of 26,448,193 Texans, about 11.2% are 65 and over. These are the proportions of TX Medicare beneficiaries in some of the largest cities: 

  • Houston: 9.0%
  • San Antonio: 10.4%
  • Dallas: 8.8%
  • Austin: 7.0%
  • Fort Worth: 8.2%

Benefits of Purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

  • No networks
  • Predictable coverage
  • Freedom to travel throughout the country

Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Texas for 2019

The supplement levels in Texas, from A to N, won’t change for 2019. However, higher medical costs reduced compensation for some health services, and new regulations might put some pressure on insurance companies to increase Medicare Supplement rates in Texas. In a competitive business state, it might be possible to find another quality insurer that offers exactly the same Medigap plan level of benefits at a cheaper price. In another case, it might make sense to switch to a different Medigap plan level for a better value. 

For example, Medicare tells doctors how much they should charge. There seems to be a trend with many doctors charging more than this amount, and only Plan G, Plan F cover these excess charges. 

These are some of the biggest companies in Texas: 

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Texas for 2019

Residents of this state do have a lot of Medicare Supplement insurance plan choices, and we make it easy to find the best one. Just type your basic info in the form on this website. In return, you can compare Medicare Supplement rates in Texas.