Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia for 2019

The best Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia can provide you with more coverage for your Medicare benefits. You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B to purchase one of these plans, so if you are going to turn 65 in the near future, make sure that you have your Original Medicare in place before you look for Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia for 2019.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia for 2019: Overview

You have several Medicare Supplement insurance plans to choose from, and are used to help with the following costs:

  • Coinsurance for Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Medical expenses incurred during foreign travel
  • Home health care
  • Coinsurance for skilled nursing facilities

As a Medicare beneficiary, you are entitled to receive preventive care. These services include health care that prevents illnesses, but Medicare also pays for care that detects illnesses in their earliest stages. This coverage can be enhanced by finding the best Medicare Supplement plan in Virginia for your specific needs.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia: Enrollment Statistics

The following counties are the top five largest counties in Virginia:

  • Fairfax County with 142,004 people
  • Prince William County with 450,763 people
  • Loudoun County with 374,558 people
  • Chesterfield County with 335,594 people
  • Henrico County with 324,073 people
  • Richmond, Virginia with 227,032 people (not located in a county)

America’s Health Insurance Plans or AHIP found that 368,473 Virginia residents purchased Medicare Supplement insurance plans in 2015. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, also found that more than 1,124,000 Virginia residents enrolled in Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B in 2017.  Statistics for 2019 Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia are not currently available. Those beneficiaries that do not choose a supplement often enhance their Medicare coverage through other avenues, such as employer plans, Medicare Advantage plans or Part C plans, VA benefits, etc.

How Many Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia are Available for 2019?

Private Virginia insurance companies can offer you at least 10 different Medigap policies to compare. Medigap plans are called “Medigap” because they were designed to cover the “gaps” found with Original Medicare on its own.

When you see your physician in the office, the staff bills Original Medicare. Medicare will pay about 80 percent of the bill, but there is still 20 percent left over. This is called the “gap.” Medigap policies pay some of the costs that are left in this gap. Therefore, your out-of-pocket costs will be lower.

Here’s an example. Before Medicare will pay 80 percent of your medical bills, you must pay your Medicare Part B deductible. If you believe that this may present a financial hardship, you can apply to purchase the Medigap plan that will cover this cost, such as Medicare Supplement plan F

You can purchase Medigap plans in Virginia for 2019 from a private insurance company that has a contract with Medicare. You can choose plans that will cover the following expenses:

  • Copayments
  • Coinsurance
  • Deductibles
  • Original Medicare Cost-Sharing
  • Medicare Approved Health Care Costs

Since Medigap plans in Virginia cannot cover two beneficiaries, you and your spouse will have to apply for your own plans.

You might need a Medicare prescription drug plan because Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Virginia do not offer coverage for prescription drugs. Original Medicare does provide you with optional prescription drug coverage with the Medicare Part D plans.  If you purchase a Supplement and do not have a qualified drug plan, you should consider purchasing a stand-alone prescription drug plan.

The following Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Virginia may appeal to you if you need coverage during your foreign travels:

  • Medicare Plan F: About 80 percent of your costs for treatment outside of the country will be covered.
  • Medicare Plan G: About 80 percent of your costs for treatment outside of the country will be covered.
  • Medicare Plan N: About 80 percent of your costs for treatment outside of the country will be covered.

In order to be paid by Medicare Supplement plans in Virginia, the services must be emergent, and they must be charged within 60 days of your arrival in the country. To have your medically necessary expenses paid, they must be emergent, and you must have met your $250 deductible. These services have a lifetime limit, and that limit is $50,000.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Virginia: When Can I Enroll?

The best time to purchase Medigap plans in Virginia is during the Medigap open enrollment period. This period starts the month that you turn 65 years old and enroll in Original Medicare. It is a health plan that you buy from a Medicare insurance company, so you can compare rates to find the lowest prices.  Keep in mind that you will also need to pay your Medicare Part B premium each month to remain eligible.

If you decide not to enroll in the best Medicare Supplement plan in Virginia during the initial enrollment period, the insurance companies will be free to deny you a policy. You will have to meet the insurance companies’ requirements to receive the privilege of purchasing a plan.

You are an exception to the above rule if you fit into one of the categories listed below:

  • You have a guaranteed issue right.
  • You have another insurance plan.
  • You have a pre-existing condition and are replacing “creditable coverage.”
  • You currently have health issues.
  • You are under the age of 65 and have a disability or End-Stage Renal Disease.

When trying to find the best Medicare Supplement plan in Virginia for 2019 it’s important to ask several Medicare insurance companies to quote their rates for various policies. You will be searching for the most coverage you can get for the lowest rates, but different insurance companies will quote you different monthly premiums. That’s why you need to compare rates from several companies.

The best Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Virginia offer the most coverage, but there is one plan that appears to be most people’s favorite. Medigap plan F is often viewed as the best because it offers beneficiaries the maximum level of benefits. This includes deductibles for Part A and Part B, coinsurance and copayments for Part A and Part B, coinsurance for skilled nursing care and hospice and the payment of foreign expenses.

Find the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in Virginia for 2019

We recommend that you compare rates for Medicare Plan G and Plan F from these:

These companies all have top “A” ratings and competitive Medicare Supplement rates in Virginia for 2019. We also like Humana and Anthem Blue Cross when considering Medigap options.

Virginia Medicare Resources

If you feel overwhelmed about the best way to go about obtaining your Medicare benefits, you are welcome to contact the Medicare Savings Advocate. They will have answers to all of your questions.  Also, for low-income individuals, contact CMS or your local Social Security office as you might be eligible for extra help.  You can also visit for additional information and available programs in your service area.