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2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington State – Medigap Plans

Medicare Advantage plans have become increasingly popular because they help seniors manage health costs, sometimes include extra benefits, and have little or no monthly premium. However, many Medicare beneficiaries find that 2018 Medicare supplement plans in Washington State offer predictable coverage and help them get covered for a wider choice of specialists and doctors.

Do you need help comparing 2018 Medicare Supplement plans in Washington State and Medicare Advantage plans? If so, you can use our simple quote form to see top local choices online. From there, it is easy to click through and get more information on the Medigap plans available to you.

2018 Medicare Supplement plans in Washington State: Quick Facts

In Washington State, about 15 percent of the population enjoys Medicare benefits. This demonstrates how senior citizens, most commonly the beneficiaries of Medicare, are distributed in the biggest Washington cities for 2018:

  • Seattle: 10.8%
  • Spokane: 12.8%
  • Tacoma: 11.3%
  • Vancouver: 12.4%
  • Bellevue: 13.9%

How Do 2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington State Work?

Your Medigap plans comparison will reveal different levels of Medicare supplements with standard benefits. This is a short overview of popular 2018 Medigap plans in Washington State and all over the United States:

  • Medicare Plan A and Plan B: Basic coverage at a fair price.
  • Medicare Plan C: Robust coverage
  • Medicare Plan F and Plan G: Coverage against high out-of-pocket health expenses.
  • Medicare Plan N, Plan L, and Plan K: Control costs with lower premiums

Note that there is also a high deductible plan F with a lower premium than regular plan F.

While every insurance company that offers 2018 Medigap plans in Washington State has to offer the same standard benefits for the same plan level, prices may vary. These are some of the largest Medicare supplement companies in Washington State when comparing Plan F and Plan G pricing:

2018 Washington State Medicare Supplement Plans vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare supplements both come from private Washington State insurance companies, and they help seniors manage their medical expenses. However, they work very differently.

These points may help you understand how they are different and similar:

  • In both cases, qualified seniors need to have both Part A and B or original Medicare. Enrollment in either option will not automatically make the Part B premium go away, but some MA options may reduce it.
  • While Medicare supplements work with original Medicare to fill in coverage gaps, Medicare Advantage plans replace original Medicare with coverage that CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, says is as good or better than original Medicare.

Those who purchase 2018 Medigap plans in Washington State will also need to buy Medicare Part D prescription coverage. Unlike some Medicare Advantage choices, Medicare supplements never come bundled with a drug policy. However, you may choose to purchase your Washington State Medicare supplement plan for 2018 and drug coverage from the same company. This is not required, and you should find the company that offers the best prescription benefits for you.

Also, some Medicare Advantage options come with additional benefits, like dental or vision coverage, and this is never true of standardized Medicare supplements. Washington Medicare beneficiaries may choose to purchase private dental or vision insurance on their own.

Finally, you may still be able to find zero monthly premium Advantage plans, though these are less common than they used to be. Washington State Medigap plans for 2018 will always have an additional premium.

Find the Best 2018 Washington State Medicare Supplement Plans

Would you like to make an informed decision about your own Medicare health insurance? All you need to do is select your state in the simple quote form on this page to see local options online. Click any of the listings for more information on 2018 Medicare Supplement plans in Washington State and contact details. We want to help all of our Washington State online visitors find affordable rates and great health benefits!